I am a 66 year old male in Fair physical shape but have always been over weight, I will admit I keep lower body in fairly good shape walking and outside lawn work. In the fall of 2012 I was told arthritis had ruined my right hip and it needed replacement then, I planned to work three more years so I delayed surgery. I was taking large amount of glucosamine and Aleve daily, the discomfort was always with me and when I rode in van for long periods I had to grab the door when getting out and stand until pain went away before I could walk. Sometimes at night the bed was to uncomfortable so I would sleep in recliner. Now as you can imagine I talked to friends who had traditional hip replacement and heard about the restrictions, week of fairly severe pain and nearly month to get to 75% activity. I also had two friends who did the posterior surgery and I talked to them and yes the pain was less and recovery was a little faster. As you can imagine this caused me worry and stress, no one likes pain and being limited in activity if you are somewhat active. Late summer 2015 my wife seen a local TV program that Dr Sciortino was on and explaining the new “Super Path” hip replacement, thank God she recorded it. That was when I first looked it up on internet and found out Dr Sciortino is one of a handful of Surgeons who performed “Super Path” replacement surgery. An article that as I recall came from the American Medical journal touted “Super Path” as the least invasive hip replacement surgery. I made an appointment to see Dr Sciortino, he told me due to cartilage and bone wear my right leg was now short by half an inch, but he could correct that. He then explained “Super Path”, the key points were 1. No cautionary restrictions after surgery, example: do not bend past 90 degrees or cross legs. 2. Most patients are up and walking same day of surgery and out of hospital next day. 3. Recovery is half the time of other surgeries (as long as you comply with therapy). 4. Incision does not cut major muscle or ligaments and scar is on back or leg and about 4 inches. He explained the joint he would use and showed it to me and I was also candidate for “Spinal Block” versus traditional anesthesia. 
Since I would retire on 31 December 2015 I booked surgery on 3 February 2016, I have had three surgeries prior in my life (no joint replacement) and none we easy or quick recoveries, so my stress level was high. I arrived at St Luke’s hospital (the very best Hospital in the USA) at scheduled time and checked in. I went to pre surgery room and anesthesiologist explained spinal block and I opted for it (I will tell you it is 10 times better the regular anesthesia). Went into surgery at 1 PM, was in recovery room at 3 PM when I woke up, it was like waking up from sleep with no memory of surgery at all and I felt good! I was able to text on cell phone immediately, not groggy from anesthesia! That day I started in bed therapy moving leg, the next morning early out of bed and in chair. Shortly thereafter I walked with walker several times, was taught how to maneuver steps and was released at about 3:30 PM and went home. I took ZERO pain medications in hospital, was given a bottle of pain pills to take home and only used 4 and that was to get to sleep. The actual pain and hip discomfort was minimal, the day I got home I went to church that evening. I used a walked to get around house two days, used a cane for approximately one day then walked. By day three I was getting over 4,000 steps (Fitbit tracked) and a few slights of steps. Of course the toughest part was therapy, many times my eyes watered from the strain on muscles that were doing things they had not done for years. Super Bowl Sunday (4 days after surgery) I was in charge of food service at our church “Tail Gate” party, I drove to church and supervised staff serving 280 hamburgers, 120 hot dogs and all the fixings. At the end of first full week I was getting 10,000 steps in so I started to walk the dogs outside, did a mile first time and now I am back to normal doing up to 4 miles. I cannot believe how fast the recovery was, with no restrictions, and as I stated the pain was minimal. I now walk without any limp, I do not have to hang onto the Van door when I get out to wait for stiffness to reside. I saw Dr Sciortino on 3 March and he said the joint was healing up perfect and everything looked good, I had great movement and the leg length was corrected, I am not limited in any activity at this point. 
So in closing here is how I will quantify what I am writing here, my neighbor is a Doctor at Cardinal Glennon in St Louis, his wife is an RN, the neighbor on the other side she is a retired RN. Both were totally amazed at my recovery, they kept bringing up movement and activity restrictions and I explained they did not apply to “Super Path”. My in home therapist said she was amazed at how fast I moved through the therapy, she said I was the second “Super Path” patient she had serviced and we complete therapy in less than half the normal time. My Neighbors and the therapist are sold on “Super Path” surgery! My reason for this long message is to tell you if you or family member have a hip needing replacement check into “Super Path”, amazing quick recovery and I had very little discomfort. Dr Scioritino is a great surgeon and has an excellent staff, St Luke’s hospital is rated one of the top 50 in USA and I can tell you it is wonderful. I hope this helps one person avoid unnecessary discomfort and long recovery time.

- Bill (Caseyville, Il)

I had my SuperPATH hip replacement surgery in December of 2014. Surgery was on a Friday afternoon and I went home Sunday afternoon. I used a walker for about a week, then a couple of days with a cane and I was walking unassisted after that. Dr. Sciortino is a magician! I looked into several different hip replacement surgery options and I'm very pleased that I chose SuperPATH & Dr. Sciortino. Before this surgery I was almost unable to walk even with a cane because of the pain. Today - no pain, and I'm walking completely naturally, climbing stairs, even going to the gym again (with certain sensible precautions). Based on my experience and conversations with other people who have had other hip replacement procedures, I recommend SuperPATH and Dr. Robert Sciortino without reservation!

- Robert (Blue Springs, Mo)

I am 62 years old when I was 41 Dr. Jones gave me a total hip replacement .Still in great shape after 21 years .In 2013 I got a right knee replacement was back to work in 21/2 weeks in 2014 I got my second knee replaced this time I was back to work in 3 weeks .After both knees being replaced I am able to go to gym 5 times a week and do 20 min on eliptical and 20 min on a stationary bike.This summer looking forward to working my second job with no pain bartending for the cardinals with this job on weeks that the cardinals are in St. Louis​.

- Leo (Florissant, Mo)​

​ I suffer from arthritis in both hips, but the left hip was the worst. It was so painful that I could not sleep at night, cross my legs nor stand up straight. On January 23, 2015 I went in for the SuperPATH hip replacement surgery on my left hip. On 1/24/15, the day after my surgery, I was able to walk up and down the hall and up and down stairs, using both legs, in the rehab room before being released that same day to go home from St Luke’s. After 1 week I had stopped all in home physical therapy, had stopped taking pain tablets and no longer used my walker. After the first week I started going to St Luke's physical therapy offices to my physical therapist, Amy. During the second week I started going up and down the stairs in my home to the basement. Towards the end of the second week I started going on shopping trips with my wife. I even went with my wife to Home Depot and we bought some wood materials for stairs in our basement. I put the stairs together myself without any help. I am very impressed with the SuperPATH process, St Luke's hospital and staff and most of all Dr Sciortino and his staff. I know sometime in the near future I will need to replace my right hip and I will definitely go back and get the SuperPATH hip replacement again. I would highly recommend this process to anyone, who qualifies. For a better understanding of the SuperPATH surgery, please go watch the cartoon video on youtube.com - SuperPATH for Surgeons Animation.

​-Norman (Chesterfield, Mo)

I had the SUPERPATH hip replacement done by Dr. Sciortino in September 2014 and am very pleased with the results. I immediately notice the hip pain was gone and after a 2 day hospital stay I was home and had a short rehab and recovery. Dr. Sciortino and his staff made available to me seminars, classes and information about the surgery and were very helpful setting up the surgery once I decided to have it done. I am a SUPER PLEASED- SUPERPATH recipient.

​​-Donna (Chesterfield, Mo)

July  2014, Dr Sciortino repaired my left hip using the Super Path procedure. I attended a seminar by Dr Sciortino two weeks prior to the surgery where he explained the difference between the tradional proccess and the Super Path procedures. I am elated I elected to have the Super Path procedure. I was able to walk with a cane, put the walker aside, within a week! Within two weeks I was able to go down and up stairs, and seldom used the cane anymore!! The home care service that was assigned to assist me following my arrival at home released me after two weeks! Should I need my right hip replaced, this is the procedure I would request! If anyone would like to talk to me about my experience I will be glad to share the event with them !

​- Henry (Hamel, Il)

​Dr. Sciortino used the "super path" method to replace my mother's hip. This was her second "super path" and I simply cannot say enough about the treatment and care my mother received. The procedure itself is simply amazing. Recovery was much easier on her and she had mobility almost immediately. It was well worth the time spent traveling. Dr. Scirotino has been incredible. He will be doing my hip someday and I have already become a patient. I would not think of going anywhere else! We are blessed to have someone in our area that can use such a technique.

-Tammy (Marion, Il)

​Dr Jones replaced a hip in 2013 and Dr Sciortino replaced a shoulder in 2014. The results from both replacements were excellent. I highly recommend these Drs.

 -Bill (Potosi, Mo)

​Patient Testimonials

STL Orthopedics, Ltd

In early 2014 I had traditional posterior approach total right hip replacement. While the eventual result was very good, the recovery was long and painful. I was fortunate to have a family member who was willing to move into my home for ten weeks to assist in my recovery. For at least the first four weeks I needed help with absolutely everything - even getting out of bed was almost too much to bear. In June 2016 Dr. Sciortino replaced my left hip using the SuperPath procedure. I was released from St. Luke's Hospital the day after surgery. My son was driving me home from the hospital when he had a diabetic reaction, so I actually had to drive myself home - without any problem at all! I stepped up into my SUV (an automatic transmission), got behind the wheel, and drove home! Of course, I did not drive again until one week after surgery. The day after surgery I was easily able to climb 16 steps to my bedroom - one step at a time. My recovery at home lasted one week, after which I went to outpatient therapy. I was able to perform exercises at the two week mark that I was only able to do after 12 weeks following the traditional approach. I am telling EVERYONE about Dr. Sciortino and the SuperPath procedure. The ONLY pain I have had was the incision, and that was minimal - no muscle pain AT ALL. I wish I had known about SuperPath when I had the right hip replaced! Even though the results of both surgeries is the same after a year or two, who wants to recover for 12 weeks instead of one or two!

​-Lynn (St. Charles, Mo)

I am 51 years old and just had a hip revision surgery, twelve years after my original replacement surgery. I was diagnosed with avascular necrosis in both hips at age 38 and was referred to Dr. Jones. He said that I would need total hip replacement surgery eventually in both hips. I had the right hip replaced in 2002 at age 38 and the left hip replaced in 2008 at age 46. Yes, I know that is a young age to have the surgery but is was the hand I was dealt. So be it. In early 2015, I started having some pain in my right hip, the first one replaced. I knew it was different than any other temporary pain I have had in the past. Dr. Jones told me back in 2002 that the original one would probably wear out and I would need additional surgery. He was correct. Friction between the titanium ball and the plastic socket eventually caused the plastic socket to wear. This caused a wobble in the joint and thus pain in the surrounding soft tissue. He recommended revision surgery. Based on my previous experience of "wishing I had fixed my hip sooner instead of waiting with pain", I decided to schedule the revision as soon as possible. After all, I am a relative young person who is very active and in addition to work, I enjoying playing trumpet in my dance band and playing golf. To me, this seemed like a simple procedure. Take out the worn plastic piece and pop in a new one. However, when I read medical websites about revision surgery, they uniformly discussed how this procedure was more complicated than the original replacement surgery and the recovery time was much longer. This was in contrast to my perception and Dr. Jones comments, that he would simply exchange the plastic piece and maybe put on a new ball. As it turns out, revision surgery can be very simple, such as replacing the plastic bushing, or much more complex by having to redo the entire prosthesis. For mine, it was very simple. Just as Dr. Jones predicted, all he had to do was replace the plastic bushing. Now, this is not as simple as it sounds. It still requires making an incision (he went through the original incision to reduce recovery time), cutting through the bursa sac to get to the joint, and tugging/pulling on the leg to again access the joint for the bushing replacement. In spite of this, my procedure went great. My surgery was completed around 2:30 pm. By late that night, I was walking the length of the hospital using a walker, just as a precaution. The next morning, I was walking around the halls of the hospital with no crutches and only a slight limp. I was home 18 hours after surgery. I think that is remarkable. Even with revision surgery, some things remain the same as the original replacement surgery. Because the bursa is involved in the revision surgery, the same precautions (not bending over past 90 degrees and hot crossing your legs) still apply to avoid dislocation. The staples (all 28 of them) still pull and itch. I still had to take Warfarin to avoid clotting and get my levels checked every few days. My thigh muscles were very sore from all the manipulation required during the procedure. These are the annoyances with hip replacement surgery and revision surgery is no different. However, the recovery time for me was so much faster than the original replacement! On day seven after surgery, I decided to take a walk down my street which is 1/2 mile up and back. I did this for three days in a row with only minor discomfort. On day 10, Dr. Jones took out my staples and took me off of Warfarin because I was so active. I made the correct decision not to wait on the revision surgery once the pain started because now I can get back to my life. I have been working from home for the past week and I will drive myself back to work on Monday, less than two weeks from the original surgery. I can't ask for better than that. Dr. Jones is the best. If I need further hip surgery, he will be my first choice.

​- Henry (Valley Park, Mo)

I am pleased to comment on my experience with Dr. Bruce Jones. I saw Dr. Jones after years of increasing pain and decreasing mobility from an arthritic left hip. He did not try to rush me into surgery but told me to let him know when I was ready. After trying physical therapy without much improvement I scheduled a hip replacement surgery for early January 2015. I have been thrilled with the results and with Dr. Jones. He has a great manner about him. He is friendly and easy to talk to, and more importantly did a marvelous job. My pain level has been much less than I expected and the recovery much faster. I credit Dr. Jones with making that happen as well as my hard work with an excellent physical therapist.

- John (Pacific, Mo)​

​I was diagnosed with degenerative hip disease in my early 40's but was very hesitant to even consider joint replacement due to my age. However, after years of suffering with both acute and aching pain, it was time to do something about it. I met with Dr. Jones and his staff and my mind was put at ease as they very thoroughly went through the entire process with me. I had the surgery three months ago and most of the time forget I even had a hip replacement. No more pain, no more sleepless nights. Dr. Jones and his staff are were simply fantastic from their professionalism to their true concern for my well-being. Thank you, thank you.

-Kurt (Cottleville, Mo)

In August of 2014 I received a Super Path Hip Replacement by Dr. Robert Sciortino and was very happy I did. I am able to do things that I haven't been able to do in years with no pain. I'm sorry that I didn't do it years ago.

​- Fred (Bonne Terre, Mo)

I really appreciate the deep concern Dr. Jones feels for my problems and his thorough pursuit to determine a diagnosis and treatment thereof. He has an amazing ability to explain the situation so that it is thoroughly understood. Thank you!

-Patricia (St. Louis, Mo)​

I am a female, 65 years of age, and have never been very physical due to my bad back. In December, 2010, at age 60, I had my right hip totally replaced by Dr. Jones with the Office of Jones and Sciortino. Dr. Jones is an excellent surgeon and doctor, but their office did not have the Superpath technique at that time. It took me two long years to get back to normal for me, experiencing thigh and leg spasms requiring emergency hospital visits, a lot of pain due to the cutting of tendons and muscels, knee pain and problems (I assume from the maneuvering during surgery), the joy being on the walker for quite a while.....all the while dealing with the dreaded precautions (90 degree angle rule, etc.). On February 10, 2016, Dr. Sciortino performed the Superpath technique to totally replace my left hip. As of today, March 12, 2016, almost five weeks after surgery, I am almost as good as new!!! I do not need a cane except I take it when I walk long periods. I am doing wonderful! There was minimal pain, no precautions, no knee problems. The first week was somewhat hard, but every day I saw and felt improvement, faithfully doing my exercises twice a day. I did not need outside therapy, after the period of home PT and nurse visits ended. I feel I am 90% back to normal at this time. Regarding the difference in the two surgery techniques, there is absolutely NO comparison. God bless Dr. Sciortino for his tremendous accomplishment in learning and performing this extremely difficult technique! I am very very happy!

-Kathleen (Arnold, Mo) 

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